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Squeamish? 5 Things That Make Medical Procedures Easier

There's something I really love about procedural support. The gratification is immediate and the impact reaches patients, families and staff all at once. Patients may experience less pain, families may feel less stress, and staff can do their job easier, quicker and more safely.

Boy, I have had some rough experiences along the way, though. I vividly remember a time when I was an intern, observing my first burn dressing. The room was kept warm, which is typical for burn dressings, as the patient’s skin is less able to regulate temperature. That was not helping me in my gloves, gown and mask, though. The smell and the heat and the visuals were all too much and I promptly left... and then briefly passed out in bathroom.

If you've worked in pediatrics, I'm sure you've had a similar experience – whether you were sick to your stomach for a while after a procedure or whether were like me – resting comfortably on a public bathroom floor.

If you're thinking about going into pediatrics, know that these moments are not the determining factor of your future success – squeamishness is common among nearly all clinicians at some point in their careers.