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The pediatric community needs more music therapy.

From the moment I began my education as a music therapist, I knew I wanted to work in a children’s hospital. I’m not sure if it was the patients' innate sense of resiliency or their unique outlook on such a grown-up environment. Perhaps it was just the wonderful smell of disinfectant wipes.


I established a new music therapy program at a children’s hospital early in my career. As a new professional in the medical world, I felt many of the pains and struggles I’ve since heard from other colleagues. Pediatric music therapists are often left to fill varying needs – advocating for the profession, managing large caseloads and feeling the burden of witnessing deep suffering. 


For a time, I was a lone music therapist supporting a wide variety of needs and experiencing new, confusing procedures daily. What is a lumbar puncture and where the heck should I stand in this room? Did I miss the day in school where we became experts in the ins and outs of medical lingo?


Pediatric Music Therapy is a community for pediatric music therapists to gain new skills, connect with their colleagues and feel empowered to grow and advocate for the work we do.


Pediatric Music Therapy is an Approved Provider with The Certification Board for Music Therapists.

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